Mightywheels.ca has a vision and that is to help all people with accessibility issues.
Our objective is to inspire society to create an understanding about accessibility issues that affect all people.
Mission Statement:
After I suffered a life altering injury, I now see the world through different eyes. I have become a motivational speaker to advocate for those who need assistance with accessibility in the public. It’s now my mission to help people who have mobility issues. The reality is that there are people who depend on a wheelchair or a walking aid to get around. Often times we don’t realize that something as easy as walking on a sidewalk can be a major challenge for someone with these issues. Mightywheels is dedicated to bringing these issues to the public’s eye, so that the long term goal would be that the city will implement more accessible pedestrian infrastructure that is suitable for ALL people.

I personally know, I have been in a position of not being able to go where an able body person could go and that really sucked.. I’m trying my best to fix this problem or problems, it is my mission.


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