Voice to people

For full effect please read this in a happy animal voice.

This is my new/better R.P.M.

(R)esult, I want to become a very well-known marijuana advocate relying on experiences from my injury and passed schoolings, teachings, that have confirmed to myself that Marijuana is not only a recreational drug it is a medicine.

(P)urpose, is to help all people understand the benefits of Marijuana and confirming for the right age group. Marijuana is not only used recreational but, more importantly medically…. I would even be willing to share my teachings/story’s from back when I lived in Nanaimo, British Columbia and then Kamloops, British Columbia.

(M)ap to get me there, people in is business are so friendly. I have not made it there yet, but my plane/idea is to messenger more with other Cannabis websites to share my story. Already I have been offered to do an interview telling my story. I’m sure it will only be up from there.



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