Harvest medicine Testimonial,

I was a diagnosed for Chronic Pain and some ADD problems, the doctors prescribed me Ativan and more, actually way too many prescriptions to mentioned. I took my prescriptions for like 2 years, and then one of my dad’s biker buddy said just go smoke a joint with Tim.

Not really joking, he said to look into it, that opened the door to medical marijuana. I talked to my doctor to see if there was any truth in what he said, my doctor’s very open minded, and introduced me to Harvest Medicine, The hunger for me to be better (a more normal person) Hehe this drove me to become Motivational speaker Tim, willing to speak to anyone, anywhere and share my knowledge to better help our race.

I forgot to mention all the countless hours put in by the budtenders to cultivate and care for such high quality product, as well as the geniuses behind the strain(s) development and applicable uses. I’m finalizing my Medical Marijuana prescription with my doctor who I initially gave ALL the necessary info for my ex-gf to be prescribed canniboids instead of opioids for her chronic pain.

Cannabis and cannabis products are a healing medicine. I believe it’s the actual plant that deserve the kudos, but, its the long list of other marijuana dispensaries in the city that all wanted me to share my story with them. I decline… because I wanted to focus on the actual plant and not the company that provides the medicine.


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