More book.

My book is going through another change… I’m getting to tied up with this self-improvement stuff I’m going focus in on that just to explain to guys (my readers). I’ll even start a new chapter…

I want to don’t give up all secrets, so this is what I working on now… I’ve been listening to many hours of trainer/coaches on how to reprogram the human brain to imagine seeing the amount of pain it would have to put up with if my accessibility website couldn’t be involved with help Edmonton improve the city infrastructure.

When that happens, I’ll add my contribution ideas.
I listen to Les Brown and he was focused on writing a entrepreneur story, what he was saying made a lot of sense so I wrote one… what do you think?

I was in an accident in 1990, and sustained my injury. Since then I’ve been fighting to better my recovery and quality of life. When I was at the lowest point of my life, I discovered self-help motivation. I studied that even though the owner of the group home I was in at the time did not approve. Over time I came to be more conscious of a positive way of thinking about life. I knew I wanted to help so I created a wheel accessibility website – to share experiences with other people whom use wheels. I’ve been told it is commendable and all and so I’ve started an autobiography and have been working on this endeavor to tell my story. I’ve discovered and want to share with all the people in Canada suffering with serious physical and mental health issues and disabilities.

Back Cover:
You better fasten your seat belt, these pages are my life, written as an autobiography I’ve told you all about my own life, my trials and tribulations of being confined to a wheelchair, I’m not fully confined to it, I can get out, luckily for me… But I really do hope that by reading my book it allows you to look beyond your own comfort zones and see that all people make up our world, and that we all are equal. To tell the truth, I have learned so much about myself, writing this book. I’ll say that this is only the beginning – I can hardly wait to see what the future holds for Mightywheels, which will always be my main goal. I’m not focused on money, I think it’s a curse, but to keep Mightywheels rolling I have been told I need to produce this book and by doing that it will also keep my readers informed on what Mightywheels is up to. See the Gods are smiling down on me.

Preview of a future event:

My goal in life is to finish my book at the same time as I become a well-known motivational speaker, to share my experiences, creating my wheel accessibility team created. To become 10 times stronger than anything out there, and 10 times more positively influential than where it is now. promises to amaze you… By becoming a resource for accessibility within Canada. There’s lots and lots of smaller goals that need to be manifested before my dream can become a reality.

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