Meow, Meow.

I’ve been studying up on cats, mysterious parts of Egypt, and alien stuff – all the stuff that I love. I have a thought that I would like to share with you, it’s about my cat, Monty. I believe that all cats were a gift from space Gods – which are really aliens – from back in ancient times and I believe that a cat has, magical powers, we’re just seeing the tip of the ice berg with their aura of unconditional love. I know that cats hate change – my cat was totally freaked out for three days when I moved into a new apartment (in the same building). So, seeing a cat really wants to avoid change, we should be able to ask him or her to use their magic power and make sure we return home safe. (that would avoid the change of a new owner, moving, and all that) and that is why I always ask Monty to keep me safe when I leave my apartment.
Be nice to cats…
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