Great Saturday, first my Dad and my niece came over to take me for breakfast, we went to Mc Donald’s and then we phoned my Mom, she was busy unfortunately getting used to living in Fort Mac. so, we went over to the mall that way I could do some wheeling, after that we hit the Mc Donald’s again for 2 ice coffees and my Dad and Miss got soft ice creams. When we got back to my place, I placed my 2 ice coffee’s in the fridge on a silver tray to stop them from falling over like last time.

I believe the more knowledge a person shares with the Universe, the more knowledge that person gets. My name is Tim and my pet cat Monte’, together we’ve created this law of attraction project for school many moons ago to increase the positive energies in our beautiful city. If any of these thoughts, ideas or quotes can help you and you want to use them, please go for it… Remember I was trained to motivate, inspire, and encourage others it’s something I love to do! 😊

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