Truth 1

It takes a real wheel user to truly evaluate a handicapped door, handicapped ramp, or a handicapped parking stall, not some person with a measuring tape.

Truth 2
Many challenged people would rather talk to or complain to another challenged person, then their own worker.

Mel Gearz

I am delightfully writing this letter to recommend Tim Parnett to the ACC. I have known Tim for almost 4 years and it has been a pleasure to be in his circle of friends and associates. He is bright and intelligent person with creativity and intelligence, extremely capable and competent in his efforts as an advocate for all the people of Edmonton whether young or old and everyone in between. He has become somewhat of an icon at the local farmer’s markets because of his enthusiasm to make Edmonton’s roads and walkways and accessibility routes better and safer for the whole collective. He is thoughtful and courageous and demonstrates these attributes everywhere he goes, as well as being part of every interaction he has with people from various walks of life.  He is considerate and kind and would absolutely make not just a positive addition for the ACC but an aware and conscientious one as he has this uncanny ability to lift others around him because that is who Tim Parnett is. His strength of character to keep going and his positive attitude is exemplary, and perhaps we can all learn to be a bit like him in being more open and as receptive as he is to others.

When I think of Tim, a big smile automatically forms on my face because I see him in my mind, wheeling, and I wonder at times where he draws his energies. He seems to do things with ease however, I am sure it is with great effort, but he never complains. Not once, have I heard this impressionable man complain about anything or any situation or any other human being for that matter and he doesn’t complain because of his love for life and humanity.

His determination and persistence are to be admired because of his desire to bring into reality his vision which is creating a safe and positive way to address the issues we face as a group of people in our city of Edmonton. I, myself, am completely mobile, and nearly cracked my head the other day when I was at superstore and was pushing a cart when the cart nearly flipped over because of such a bad crack right at the exit of the store and I nearly had that cart on top of me because of the ice. I managed to grab the cart and because of the force to hang on, really hurt my shin and was in pain for days after causing a massive bruising. It would be great if we could fix these what seem to be inconveniences to some but almost deathly to others like an elderly person who may have been pushing a walker. I feel this is the base of where Tim’s energy perhaps is derived from because of his understanding for people who require help. Some one has to, and he feels he is the one for the job as many others feel the same which is exactly why I am expressing this letter to you today.

Tim is about creating and implementing strategies for the betterment of the whole. He triumphs are many and one of those being creating his own blog, telling, teaching, encouraging, explaining, informing and sharing information. He also consistently can bring people together and has a true ability of attracting those who who are interested and wanting to be apart of the bigger picture just have no clue how to go about it.  I myself am one of those people who greatly admires this man because of his resolve to keep going and never giving up since, well, its not part of his vocabulary.

Tim is dependable, gracious, and gentle. He would make a positive addition to the ACC. When one meets him, his sincerity comes across in plain view and one gets the sense of being around someone who really cares and is expressed in his speech, his written word, his smile, his tone, and he is an avid listener. Since, hearing and listening are completely different, Tim is an active listener.  Since active listening is the ability understand, interpret and evaluate what he hears which makes him more qualified in my view.   The other side of the coin is that people listen to him because he is light-hearted and fun with his choice of words being always thoughtful with, online, the blog or those around him.

Tim Parnett is an impressive man. His vision is clear, his understanding is compassion; he has wisdom because of his own life’s journey that has led him to be what he is today. This comes with the ability of choosing to live in a positive frame of mind rather than sitting in a negative state and we all know that this task is not easy and requires not just courage but discipline and a perception that is not common in these times. The ability to choose is a skill that requires training of the cognitive sense and he has done a stupendous job and because of this he always in a great mood lifting others in his space, whether you are reading his blog or speaking to him personally.

He is a professional in various capacities and one of those is the ability to be in a cooperative state with others and life itself, in addition, to adhering to basic principles of wholesome values that would be required of him when representing the ACC. He is again, trustworthy, competent, capable, professional, efficient, foreword thinking, compassionate, and would be an great asset to the organization and those who would work with him as he would to them. He is a team player and plays to win for the collective overall.

written by Mel Gearz an UofA student.

Karen Gillespie

I met Tim Parnett on August 30, 2017.  In the short time that I have known him, I have seen his passion and dedication to help people.  As a wheel chair user himself, and also challenged with accessibility issues at times, he is aiming to help people so they don’t have to face similar issues. Tim does not want people who use wheels to be left out.  He wants all people to have access to our city’s amenities.  He has set up a website This is where people can go and discuss problems with accessibility.  Tim will then advocate for the problem surface areas such as sidewalks, ramps and other infrastructure to be fixed. His goal is to make Edmonton accessible for all people.  Tim has already had several interviews with various entities such as local new stations, newspapers and stores about what he does.  As well he discusses accessibility issues on a regular basis with his MLA Lorne Dach.  Tim does not look for payment for his services; he just wants to help people.  Tim will make a great candidate for this position. I have seen him in action.  The man has a drive and a passion like no one else I know.  He has taught me thing or two. In my opinion, there is no one else as dedicated to helping out people and that is why you need to consider him for the Accessibility Advisory Committee position.

Joshua Ripplinger

I have only known Tim Parnett for a couple months now, but I have seen the desire he has to make changes to the accessibility of Edmonton (as a starting point). He is passionately committed to Mightywheels, an entity he started to make life easier for those of us that use wheels, his starting point for accessibility issues throughout our city that need attention. I feel that Tim would be a perfect addition to your team, due in large part to his commitment level. I feel having a person in place that this means not only a large part of his daily life, but is a necessity in his life is exactly what this team needs. Tim is fighting for all forms of transportation, not just wheelchairs. Canes, strollers, walkers, whatever the capacity, every able-bodied person, or someone that they love will need an accessible city to move about in eventually. His scope is more open minded than just the disabled, and the wheeled disabled. An open minded and wheeled individual is just what this position needs, especially if that person has already been working towards your goal already. Tim has assured me that the requirements of the position are well within his expertise, and he feels he would make a wonderful addition to your team. As a full time user of a manual wheelchair, I also feel he is good, and necessary member.

Forward thinking.

I’m trying to get on to the AAC, Accessibility Advisory Committee to get stuff going for the people with disabilities. Hopefully with some of Mightywheels forward thinking ideas.…/accessibility-advisory-committee.…

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